Photo: Barry Bonds, skinny cyclist

Let's just roll tape, shall we?

Barry Bonds

The above image, which comes to us courtesy of Yardbarker, is of home run king Barry Bonds, who seems to have become a rather lean and willowy cyclist in his retirement. But before we proceed, please cleanse your system of all obligatory "cycling" jokes ... Done? Good.

Although one might prefer that Mr. Bonds be conspicuously brandishing today's newspaper in order to prove that this image isn't from, say, 1991, this is, by all accounts, a very recent thing. To state the obvious, Mr. Bonds looks rather different these days.

I'm not one to "slow boil" over anything Bonds may or may not have put in his body during his playing days, mostly because I don't really care about, say, those who corked bats or threw spitballs or took amphetamines in the 1960s and 1970s or injected primitive forms of testosterone even before that or ran directly from second base to home while the umpire wasn't looking (we'll always love you, 1890s Orioles!). But "righteous indignation" is everyone's favorite song, and this photo will certainly enable the chronically outraged among us.

So run with it if you like.

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