PHOTO: Ben Revere's glove with a message for Boston

Ben Revere glove Boston
Ben Revere's glove had a special message on it Monday night. (Getty Images)

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The surname Revere is already looked upon quite fondly in the Boston area, so it's only fitting that it was Phillies center fielder Ben Revere who taped a "PRAY For Boston" message on his glove Monday night in light of the Boston tragedy.

And, boy, did Revere put the leather to good use, making a ridiculous grab on a Todd Frazier shot to center in the bottom of the second inning, saving a run and completing a double play. If you haven't seen the play, go check it out -- and please don't be that guy who anonymously posts from his couch or cubicle that the catch wasn't that great. That guy is lame. And the catch was ridiculous, says this former college outfielder.

Kudos to Revere for the message and for flashing the leather on Monday night, even if his team came up short.

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