Photo: Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston is a Phillies fan

First things first. SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched Breaking Bad and have any interest in doing so, go ahead and hit the "back" button on your browser...

Ok. For those of you still here, lay your eyes upon the image below courtesy of Thomas Schnauz, writer and co-executive producer on Breaking Bad.

According to Schnauz's Twitter feed, Cranston wore the jersey on set while "goofing around" during the shooting of Season 3's "One Minute." Schnauz adds that Cranston is indeed a Phillies fan. 

So we pose the question to all non-Phillies fans out there: What makes Walter White more despicable? Trying to build a meth empire to satisfy his ego and feel alive under the false pretense that he's doing it so he can provide for his family and in the process destroying the same family he claims he's trying to protect... or being a Phillies fan? 

Just kidding, Philadelphia. All in fun.

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