PHOTO: Justin Verlander, Kate Upton again seem fond of each other

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As viewers of "ESPN Hollywood" will surely recall, decorated Tigers right-hander Justin Verlander has in his lucky past a rumored romance with supermodel/board-certified attractive American lady Kate Upton. 

By all appearances, these two young, wealthy and lustrous people are once again lost in the throes of courtship. As evidence, I submit this image, which was taken at a recent Super Bowl party thrown by a magazine positively turgid with cologne samples ... 

(Getty Images)

Kate Upton looks happy! Justin Verlander looks happy! Justin Verlander's pants are the color of Riunite on ice!

Have sage counsel for Justin Brooks Verlander when it comes to pinpointing and seizing the Good Life? Said sage counsel is demonstrably unnecessary. 

(Wink of CBS eye: Big League Stew)

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