PHOTO: Nationals unveil new racing president, 'Bill'

News broke Friday night saying the Nationals would add William Howard Taft to their now-famous Presidents' Race during each home game. Saturday, at NatsFest, Taft-the-racer was revealed. Here he is:

He'll be known as Bill, to fit in with Teddy (Theodore Roosevelt), Abe (Abraham Lincoln), George (George Washington) and Tom (Thomas Jefferson).

I already have a complaint. While the mustache is glorious, part of the reason why Taft was a great choice was that he was a portly fellow, reportedly clocking in at around 335 pounds during his presidency. So what's with this slimmed-down Bill? Did the Nationals make him modernized and on a carb-free diet or something similiar?

I could, however, be won over with some sort of bathtub gimmick during the upcoming season.

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