PHOTO: Now THIS is wanting to see a baseball game

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In this very space, we previously chronicled the going rates for tickets to Game 6 of the World Series between the Cardinals and Red Sox and mentioned that one rooter, flush with discretionary income (one hopes, anyway), forked over $24,000 for two admission slips to Fenway. 

That's all well and good, but back in the days of the Polo Grounds, they really knew how to sacrifice in order to take in a game of base and ball ... 


Those enterprising and death-defying lads are, at great personal hazard, overlooking a Giants game at the Polo Grounds -- year unknown -- from nearby Coogan's Bluff. The bare branches suggest perhaps a late-season or World Series encounter, and the style of dress along with the somewhat spare New York cityscape in the background hint that it was a very long time ago. 

Of course, going to such lengths wasn't unsual for the Giants partisan back in those days. Here's a passage from regarding the famous "Merkle's Boner" game at the Polo Grounds back in 1908:

An estimated 250,000 people showed up, but only about a fifth that many could get in because of the limited number of seats. Pandemonium ensued as a mob of irate fans tried to storm their way into the stadium. Most of the people were dispersed, but about 40,000 remained throughout the game and watched from Coogan's Bluff and from the tops of telephone poles, trees and subway platforms. A fireman by the name of Henry T. McBride fell from a pillar on the elevated train platform and was killed.

Enthusiasm: Sometimes it costs more than $24,000. 

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