Photo of the Day: Demolition of this, our Astrodome has begun

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Commence pouring one out -- and by "one" we mean a bottle of Riunite on ice -- for the Houston Astrodome.

As the following photographic image will prove, local despots have commenced turning the home of space-age baseball into a pile of landbound flotsam ...

Click to enlarge the image and the sadness. 

The consoling news is that the whole of the Astrodome shall not be razed on this night. Rather, the pedestrian walkways encircling the dome are first to go. As for the hulking remainder of the dome -- the "good-times hamburger" portion of the structure -- its fate has yet to be determined.

If it must go, then give it a Viking funeral by encasing it in bronze and using local NASA technologies to fire it into the sun -- a log in the eye of the gods who would afflict and bespoil our memories. 

Anything less would be tantamount to dishonor. 

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