Photo of the Day: Willie Davis slides into second

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More photographic excellence from the site of the legendary Neil Leifer. This one's a shot of Dodgers speed merchant Willie Davis sliding into second base against the Phillies in April of 1965. The cool thing is that the shot is taken by, as Leifer notes, a remote camera set up under the second base bag. The end result is this ... 

Beautiful. Objectively so, given the technological constraints of the day. 

The Dodgers in '65 of course won the World Series, and the 25-year-old Davis that season was their starting center fielder. He'd end his career with 398 stolen bases and three Gold Gloves. 

And that, kids -- feet first, full-speed leap off your tuck foot, proper distance from the bag -- is how you slide. 

(Wink of CBS eye: Don Hammack)

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