PHOTO: Ryan Dempster, high-fashion gentleman

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Friday, of course, is a travel day for our World Series combatants, the Cardinals and Red Sox. That means the leisurely pleasure of chartered air travel from Boston to St. Louis, and for some that means a chance to indulge in haute couture ... 

Contrary to appearances, that's not a $30 sofa upon which weed is smoked, C&F sandwiches are eaten (Cheetos and Funyuns on Wonderbread with Lik-M-Aid seasoning) and "Call of Duty" is played. That's actually Red Sox right-hander Ryan Dempster. 

I scarcely need point this out, but that is the look of a gentleman of distinction. It is a look that says, "Let us finish this whiskey and then play a besotted round of golf in the Scottish Lowlands using only a shillelagh and a river stone! But, lo, sheep shears shall be our putters!"

Beware, St. Louis, U.S.A.: For a cavalier walks among you.

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