PHOTO: This is when the White Sox's uniforms were at their best

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As a baseball-fashion enthusiast who's so insufferably pompous as to consume baseball fashion out of a crystal snifter, I am not without opinions when it comes to uniforms.

On this topic, I have long been fascinated by the White Sox's daisy-chain of uniforms, in that they've cycled through so many different looks over the century-plus of their existence. What follows, though, I declare to be the White Sox at their most aesthetically pleasing ... 

Approval granted! Yes to the shade of blue, yes to the piping, yes the almost-gothic logo font. Yes to all of it. 

While I'm also a fan of what the Sox were doing uniform-wise from 1951 through 1963, I declare -- authoritatively, from on high and while wearing a monocle -- that their 1970 duds were the cat's pajamas and the bee's knees. 

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