Photo: World Series Game 2 fan of the day

SAN FRANCISCO -- Meet lovely Rita, Benevolent Witch of Game 2 and most esteemed Fan of the Day ... 

Rita, you'll note, is pictured alongside her husband/boyfriend/whatever. Didn't catch his name. I mean, who cares about that guy, right?

Name: Rita

From: Sonoma

Age: Undisclosed

Author's stated guess at age: 29

Giants fan since: The days of McCovey-Mays-Marichal

Cutest current Giant according to Rita: Brandon Crawford

Number of sighs emitted by Rita after invoking name of Brandon Crawford: One, extended

Favorite current Giant according to Rita: Marco Scutaro

Favorite and cutest former Giant according to Rita: Willie Mays -- Mr. Willie Mays

Game 2 prediction according to Rita: 5-2, Giants. Madison Bumgarner will strike out the first nine batters he faces. 

Extent to which Rita loves fireworks: Enough to sit through 15-inning game at Candlestick in order to see them, which she could not on account of the fog.

Thanks for your time and charms, Rita.

Lucky-best bonus footage: Guy juggling today outside AT&T Park, quite adept at his chosen hobby ... 

Okay, so he didn't "stick the landing," but Juggling Guy is very good at bouncing things off his head. 

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