PHOTOS: Is Michael Pineda using pine tar to shut down Red Sox?

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On Thursday night, Yankees right-hander Michael Pineda dominated the visiting Red Sox (6 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 7 K, 2 BB). However, did he do with the aid of illegal pine tar? Check out the visual evidence from Thursday night's game ... 

There is many a hazard to eyeballing a screengrab and making firm conclusions based upon said screengrab, but it does appear that Pineda had something of a pine-tar-ish hue on his right hand. Another angle ... 

Again, looks like something, but what we can't say. 

Anyhow, as noted the Red Sox broadcast team certainly seemed to think that something was afoot (not that they're impartial observers, of course) ... 

After the game, here's what Pineda had to say about the strange substance on his hand and, later, his wrist (source: AP): 

"It's dirt. Between the innings, I'm sweating too much, my hand. I'm putting dirt - I'm grasping the dirt. ... I'm not using pine tar."

Red Sox manager John Farrell says he became aware of the suspicious substance in the fourth inning, but "when he [Pineda] came back out for the fifth inning, it looked, based on where it was told to me it was located, it looked like the palm of his right hand was clean."

As many others have noted, the Sox, what with those strong suspicions and even "soft" evidence that Clay Buchholz and Jon Lester have used foreign substances, might prefer not to open what could be a very familiar can of worms. 

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