Photos (of drawings): Cubs' $300-million plans for Wrigley Field

Over at Maury Brown's, they've posted some pretty nifty conceptual drawings of the proposed $300-million, five-year, privately funded renovations to Chicago's Wrigley Field.

What's in the works? Here's what's on the Cubs' to-do sticky note:

  • Renovate concourses and outer façade;
  • Add restaurants;
  • Update club-level seating;
  • Expand suite level;
  • Completely renovate home clubhouse and batting tunnels;
  • Expand dugouts;
  • Add patio areas to left and center field and a new "Home Plate Club."

Typically, it's de rigueur for taxpayers to pony up for these kinds of things, but in this instance the Cubs are willing to use private monies in exchange for a loosening of some the regulations that come with calling a landmark structure your home ballpark and having said ballpark in the rigidly zoned Wrigleyville 'hood.

A Tuesday editorial in the Chicago Tribune, which I may or may not have read and contemplated at length while on the toilet, called for, as the team-owning Ricketts family wishes, an easing of regulations on advertising signage and limits on the number of night games. As well, the Cubs would like to host more non-baseball events at Wrigley and have the option to close streets around the ballpark on game days so as to make going to a Cubs game more of an "event" than it already is.

But enough with the back-story. Let's make with the cool drawings (again, courtesy of ...

Here's the holistic view:

It's not drawn to scale, or to code, it would seem.

And here's the spruced-up main concourse:

Ideally, that new main concourse will not, unlike the main concourse at new Yankee Stadium, call to mind the nickel-slot parcel of a floating casino. Also: short shorts.

Now the upper concourse ...

Hosannas to the artist for embracing realism and peppering the image with backward-turned hats. And is that 1960s Catherine Deneuve seated in the foreground? I'd like to think so. Mon amour pour toi est sans fin, Mademoiselle Deneuve ...

And finally, to the Cubs' clubhouse (Cubhouse!):

The current Wrigley clubhouses are quite spartan as major-league green rooms go, so this constitutes an improvement.

Then again, gut-rehab this thing all you want: It still remains the place that gave haven to Moises Alou's urine-soaked hands.

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