Pirates reliever Steven Brault sings national anthem before game against Brewers and absolutely crushes it

The Pirates on Tuesday night lost to the visiting Brewers (MIL 3, PIT 2), but they definitely won the national anthem. That's because Buccos lefty swingman Steven Brault performed the national anthem prior to first pitch and, as you're about to see, absolutely nailed it. Regard: 

Man, nicely done. That was a well paced, simple rendering that let the song do the work. Some would say that's exactly how it should be performed. As teeming millions have proved time and again, that's not an easy tune to belt out, especially when the high notes hit. 

Was Sean Rodriguez subtly impressed?


Yes, people, Sean Rodriguez was subtly impressed. 

So two essential takeaways: Steven Brault has some pipes, and the national anthem should always be performed while wearing the home team's uniform. 

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