Prince Fielder's mad dash

SAN FRANCISCO -- First and foremost, it was (yet another) brilliant defensive play on the part of the Giants. The Gregor Blanco-to-Marco Scutaro-to-Buster Posey putout of Prince Fielder in the second inning of Game 2 was crisply executed -- necessarily so because otherwise the score would have been 1-0 Tigers.

Here's what the play looked like:

Home-plate ump Dan Iassogna made an outstanding call, as replay revealed that Fielder was indeed out by a hairsbreadth or so. Know who didn't make an oustanding call? Detroit third-base Gene Lamont, who not only waved in the lumbering and thundering Fielder but also did so with no outs in the inning.

Why would Lamont do such a thing? Could have been a simple mis-read on his part, or perhaps he was banking on the outstanding San Fran defense not being so perfect this once. Or maybe he thought that Posey, given his history of plays at the plate, might be a bit too wavering, what with, oh, 300 pounds of first baseman bearing down upon him. 

And speaking of history, it's worth noting that Fielder has a bit of it with those who wear the tools of ignorance for the Giants ... 

It's not all on Lamont, though. As our own Scott Miller noted on Twitter, Fielder certainly could have done a better job of sliding and, by extension, avoiding a somewhat out-of-position Posey. 

In any event, it was a squandered chance for the Tigers. Will it prove to be determinative in a game that, thus far, looks and smells like a close one? That remains to be seen. To flip it back around, the Giants might look back and call this the defensive play of the season. 

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