Question of the Day: What if Brewer fans boo Jhonny Peralta?

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The Cardinals are in Milwaukee Monday night to begin a three-game set with the first-place Brewers. That brings to mind the following query ... 

You'll recall, of course, that on Opening Day, Brewer fans brayed their support for Ryan Braun, who was suspended last year for his role in the Biogenesis scandal. By way of reminder, here's the run-up to Braun's first plate appearance of 2014 -- and his first plate appearance since returning from suspension ... 


With the Cardinals in town, this presumably means that Brewers fans will have a chance to express their displeasure toward shortstop Jhonny Peralta, who, like Braun, was dinged for his role in L'Affaire Biogenesis. But will they?!

Regarding these tantalizing possibilities, some hot-sauce observations ... 

- For there to be some kind of "PED booing" to be teased out, Peralta's going to need to be booed above and beyond the extent to which other Cardinals are booed by the Milwaukee crowd. 

- A hand-scrawled sign mocking Peralta's use of banned substances -- ideally with misspellings -- would certainly provide some clarity. 

- The "controversy" over Brewer fans' embracing Braun was pretty facile, in my opinion. I'm guessing every fan base would rally around their best player's returning from suspension for the home opener. This doesn't strike me as any kind of "moral shortcoming" unique to Brewer fans. In fact, being that this is, you know, not all that important, it doesn't strike as a "moral shortcoming" on any level at all. It's fans being fans. 

- That said, the chronically scandalized love nothing so much as a perceived inconsistency (forget, for the moment, that when you point out the inconsistency of an ideological opponent, you're almost always tacitly revealing your own inconsistency), and that will indeed be seized upon if Brewer partisans have any kind of outsized reaction to Peralta's name being announced. 


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