Quote of the day: Brian Cashman on 'big, hairy monsters'

Did someone say 'big, hairy monsters?' (US Presswire)

This season, the Yankees have been criticized in some quarters for being too reliant upon the home run. As GM Brian Cashman tells Newsday's David Lennon, however, the Yanks don't apologize for how they've built their team. Cashman holds forth:

"I want a team that walks and mashes," Cashman said. "And if you can mash and hit home runs, then you can hit singles and doubles, too. We're not going to hit triples. But we're built the way we are for a reason.

"I'm still using the Gene Michael playbook, and this is about getting big, hairy monsters that mash and are selective at the plate. There's a reason we're perennially at the top of runs scored."

He's right, of course: The two most important things a hitter can do are get on base and hit for power. Perhaps that doesn't satisfy the aesthetics of some, but it's the shortest path to scoring runs, which is sort of the point. 

Big ... Hairy ... Monsters.

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