Quote of the Day: Rays owner Stuart Sternberg on the DH

Stuart Sternberg seems happy here, but just wait until someone asks him about the DH ... (Getty Images)

Rays owner Stuart Sternberg has some opinions on the designated-hitter rule, and he shared those thoughts with Roger Mooney of the Tampa Tribune. So, Mr. Sternberg, what do you think of the DH?

"I hate it. Hate it. Hate it. I think it's awful. In every way, shape or form it's awful."

In case you're having trouble parsing that quote, it appears that Stuart Sternberg is not especially fond of the DH. That's interesting in part because Sternberg's Rays, of course, toil in the DH-ified American League.

Sternberg goes on to detail his grievances, and mostly it's the old, semi-accurate refrain about how the DH rule drains strategy from the game. Then, however, Sternberg frames the rule as a contrivance that makes things more difficult for small-payroll outfits like his Rays:

"Competitively for a team like ours, you're not able to hide your mistakes, bad contracts so to speak. So we have to go out and add another player that we can't compete with from a dollar standpoint in adding that position."

That's true to an extent, as AL payrolls tend to be higher than NL payrolls, in part because of the DH.

Since the designated-hitter rule isn't going anywhere, perhaps Sternberg and the Rays would be interested in not using it for their home games?

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