Within the next few weeks -- or maybe even days at this rate -- Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre will collect his 3,000th career hit. On Monday, Beltre singled in the first inning against the Marlins (GameTracker) and it was his 2,990th hit of his illustrious career. He later added three more singles, so he's up to 2,993. 

When Beltre does achieve the feat, he'll be the 31st player in MLB history to reach 3,000 hits. The most recent player to get there was Ichiro Suzuki, who did so last season. 

Beltre recently passed Sam Rice (2,987) on the all-time leaderboard, so he sits 31st in MLB history. There are no players left to pass before the 3,000 plateau. 

Beltre's actually been on fire of late, accelerating the timetable of when he will achieve baseball immortality. Going back to the Fourth of July, Beltre now has 22 hits in his last 16 games. His hit on Monday extended his modest hitting streak to six games, too. 

We'll get more into this when he collects his 3,000th hit, but Beltre should be a Hall of Famer anyway. The 3,000th hit is just the cherry on top. Of the 30 players to get to 3,000 career hits, everyone is either in the Hall of Fame, will be when eligible (Derek Jeter and Ichiro), is banned from baseball (Pete Rose) or has a PED tie-in (A-Rod and Rafael Palmeiro). 

With just seven hits to go, it's time to start the official countdown. 

Seven more, Adrian. Just seven more.