Rangers, BoSox, Angels, Yanks could work for McCann ... but Giants?

BOSTON -- If someone was to guess which team might be the least likely to land Brian McCann, the Giants might quickly come to mind. After all, they already have the game's best-hitting catcher in Buster Posey.

And even if they didn't have Posey, an American League team seems to be a more natural fit for a good-hitting catcher due to the DH.

However, it appears the Giants might at least consider looking at McCann. They are said to have interest in a left-handed power bat, and the market is exteremly thin there.

A person with Giants connections said that, ultimately, it may depend on how much playing time McCann seeks. He hit 20 home runs with 57 RBI and a .256 batting average this past year, the seventh time in eight seasons he hit 20 home runs.

He has a career .823 OPS, so if the Giants become serious, they could have by some measures the two best hitting catchers in baseball. To this point, though, it remains curious where enough playing time could possibly come from since they have Brandon Belt at first base.

For now, the Rangers, Yankees, Red Sox, Angels and Cubs are among the teams that would seem to make more sense for McCann. But apparently, the idea hasn't been ruled out in San Francisco.

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