Friday night, the Rangers erased a four-run deficit in the late innings to walk-off with a win over the Astros (TEX 9, HOU 8). Danny Santana provided the game-winning single. Texas has won three straight games while Houston has dropped two straight.

The Astros led 2-1 in the second inning after Yuli Gurriel clobbered a two-run homer against Jesse Chavez. Chavez walked the previous batter, Yordan Alvarez, on eight pitches, and he was not happy with some of the calls. Here is the strike zone plot of the Chavez vs. Alvarez at-bats:

Jesse Chavez wasn't happy with some calls during Yordan Alvarez's at-bat. Brooks Baseball

Pitch No. 1 and pitch No. 7 stand out as borderline calls that went against Chavez. They were on the edge and home plate umpire Rob Drake gave the calls to Alvarez. Alvarez walked and Gurriel went deep, and that was that. 

Following the game Chavez told reporters, including Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News, he offered his glasses to Drake as he walked off the field following that second inning. From Grant:

"I thought he needed them," Chavez joked after the game. "But I don't think it was his prescription. He needed to be a little bit better."

"You can't miss those in that situation," Chavez said after the Rangers' 9-8 walk-off win. "In all honesty, I felt one was close and if I feel it's close, with the control and the command I have on both sides of the plate, I feel like it can warrant a question. And then if you do it a couple times, I mean, then we're going to have a problem a little bit. I think the glasses thing today should say what I think about it."

Chavez wasn't too obvious about, but he did acknowledge showing up the umpire, so I reckon he has a fine coming his way. He knows that. Still, give him props for the creativity. It's one thing to say the umpire needs glasses. It's another to offer up yours as you walk off the field.

In the end, the Rangers won the game, so Drake's non-strike calls didn't cost Texas too much. Everything worked out in the end.