Earlier on Wednesday, the Rockies officially cut ties with shortstop Jose Reyes by designating him for assignment. The team now has 10 days to trade, release, or waive him.

Reyes has finished serving his 51-game suspension under the league's domestic violence policy, but with rookie Trevor Story entrenched at short, Colorado had no place for him. They'll now look to trade him for a prospect or maybe some salary relief. Whatever they can get, basically.

Needless to say, Reyes' trade value is not high. His play has been in decline and he's still owed a ton of money (roughly $40 million through 2017), plus the domestic violence incident is a PR nightmare. The only thing Reyes has going for him right now is his track record and ability to play a hard-to-fill position.

It goes without saying some teams figure to have more interest in Reyes than others. So, to help sort through all the chaos, let's rank the 30 clubs from least likely to pick up Reyes to most likely.

30. Colorado Rockies: Pretty self-explanatory, right? Right.

29. Cleveland Indians: Francisco Lindor is their best player and soon to be the face of the franchise, if he isn't already. Also, backup shortstop Jose Ramirez is hitting .292 with a 104 OPS+. They're set.

28. Toronto Blue Jays: Troy Tulowitzki is out hurt and he just had a setback, you know. Still though, the odds of a reunion are tiny. So tiny.

Even with Troy Tulowitzki hurt, the Blue Jays don't figure to reunite with Jose Reyes. USATSI

27. Milwaukee Brewers: The Brewers hit rebuilding team gold with Jonathan Villar, plus they have top shortstop prospect Orlando Arcia on the way. No need for Reyes.

26. Miami Marlins: The Marlins have been there, done that.

25. Atlanta Braves: The Braves aren't going to acquire Reyes because top prospect Ozzie Albies and Dansby Swanson aren't too far away. But holy moly, have you seen Erick Aybar's numbers? He's hitting .187/.232/.226 on the season. Yikes.

24. Texas Rangers: Texas is not about to move on from Elvis Andrus, and even if they were, they'd simply put Jurickson Profar at short.

23. Chicago Cubs: That Addison Russell fellow is pretty good, and if he ever stopped being good for some reason, the Cubbies have Javier Baez as a backup plan.

22. Los Angeles Angels: Andrelton Simmons is days away from returning from his thumb injury, not weeks away. Next.

21. Houston Astros: Some folks think Carlos Correa is going to have to move to third base down the line. Even if he does, they have top prospect Alex Bregman coming fast.

20. San Francisco Giants: The Giants already have one of the very best shortstops in baseball in Brandon Crawford. They need outfielders, not a second string shortstop.

19. Los Angeles Dodgers: Corey Seager is on pace for 37 home runs as a 22-year-old rookie. Reyes ain't happening.

The Dodgers are set at shortstop with Corey Seager. USATSI

18. Boston Red Sox: Xander Bogaerts is a franchise shortstop. The Red Sox don't have a ton of depth behind him, but nah. Not a fit.

17. Minnesota Twins: Eduardo Nunez is going to be an All-Star this season. There's no reason to mess with that success.

16. Baltimore Orioles: J.J. Hardy is inching closer to a return, so no, Reyes isn't a fit. Hardy would have to suffer some kind of setback.

15. Philadelphia Phillies: Freddy Galvis is a perfectly cromulent stopgap shortstop until top prospect J.P. Crawford arrives.

14. Cincinnati Reds: I'm pretty sure they'd put Billy Hamilton back at short before bringing Reyes aboard. They have Jose Peraza and Eugenio Suarez behind trade candidate Zack Cozart.

13. Pittsburgh Pirates: Now that Jung Ho Kang is back, the Pirates are two deep at shortstop with Kang and Jordy Mercer. Can Reyes pitch? The Buccos might pick him up in that case.

12. New York Yankees: Nah. The Yankees reportedly had some interest in Reyes last year, but they're going to continue to roll with Didi Gregorius and Starlin Castro in the middle infield.

11. Detroit Tigers: They already have a pretty good shortstop in Jose Iglesias, though he isn't hitting at the moment. Detroit isn't about to make a change though.

10. Seattle Mariners: Reyes and Robinson Cano sure would have made for a fun double play combination back in, like, 2010. Now? Ketel Marte's the better shortstop.

At this point, Ketel Marte is a better player than Jose Reyes. USATSI

9. St. Louis Cardinals: Jhonny Peralta's return has already led to a game of infield musical chairs. Aledmys Diaz is staying at short with Peralta at third and Matt Carpenter shifting back to second. Kolten Wong is now in Triple-A. If Peralta was still hurt, I wouldn't rule the Cardinals out on Reyes, but he's healthy.

8. San Diego Padres: The Padres are currently trying to unload veteran players making decent money, not add them, but they have a long-term hole at shortstop and Reyes won't cost anything. Maybe.

7. New York Mets: I am certain there are many many many Mets fans out there hoping the team brings Reyes back. Truth be told, they could use some offensive help. Would Reyes or Asdrubal Cabrera be able to play third while David Wright is on the DL? Hmmm.

6. Arizona Diamondbacks: I don't think you can ever rule the Diamondbacks out on anything. They seem to march to the beat of their own drum. Nick Ahmed isn't hitting and Reyes would give them a traditional leadoff hitter. They're a sneaky candidate to add Reyes.

5. Kansas City Royals: You know, Reyes does fit their style as a speedy contact guy, and Mike Moustakas is done for the season. Could Reyes play third? Might not be the worst idea in the world.

4. Washington Nationals: For whatever reason the Nationals seem content to run Danny Espinosa out at short everyday while Trea Turner lays Triple-A pitching to waste. It wouldn't make sense to further block Turner by adding Reyes, and yet I still feel like it's a thing that could happen.

3. Tampa Bay Rays: I could see this, yeah. Shortstop Brad Miller has played better of late but he can play other positions, and wouldn't you know it, Steven Souza Jr. just went down with an injury. Miller in right field and Reyes at shortstop sure seems like something that isn't impossible.

2. Oakland Athletics: Don't ever rule out the A's doing something outside the box. It wouldn't be crazy to see them pick up Reyes, then slide Danny Valencia to first, Jed Lowrie to third, and Marcus Semien to second to make room for him. That sounds like something the A's would do, doesn't it?

1. Chicago White Sox: The best fit, almost by default. Jimmy Rollins was just designated for assignment in favor of top prospect Tim Anderson, but they could send Anderson back to Triple-A for some more seasoning. Reyes would be an upgrade over Rollins and also allow the team to give Anderson a chance to continue his development in a more appropriate setting. The ChiSox might be the only fit for Reyes.

Where will Jose Reyes wind up? USATSI