Red Sox-Cardinals World Series Game 3 weather: Clear skies

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The beautiful view from Busch Stadum's playing surface, 3.5 hours before Game 3.

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ST. LOUIS - With Game 3 of the Red Sox vs. Cardinals World Series set for 7:07 p.m. local time (8:07 p.m. in Boston), I can report that with three and a half hours until game time it's absolutely beautiful in Busch Stadium. See the picture above for proof.

As for during the game, well, it's late October so the temperatures will drop down into the mid-40s. The hourly forecast, however, shows clear skies and a zero percent chance of rain throughout the night.

So we're all set for a game that won't be affected by the weather. That's all we can ask from Mother Nature at this time of year.

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