Red Sox clinch postseason berth for second successive season

This is something we've pretty well assumed for much of the season and have known for at least the past several weeks, but it became officially official late Wednesday on the West Coast: The Boston Red Sox will take part in the 2017 MLB postseason. We still don't know for certain if we'll see them in the ALDS round, but by virtue of the Red Sox's victory and Angels' loss on Wednesday, the Red Sox are assured at the bare minimum a wild-card spot. 

Obviously, the AL East title is the ultimate regular-season goal and the Red Sox have that in reach with a three-game lead over the Yankees with 10 games to play. It's nice to have that wild-card buffer, though, and they now have that set in stone. 

The Red Sox, of course, won the AL East last season as well, so this marks back-to-back postseason appearances. The franchise is familiar with those in recent years. They made the playoffs in 1998-99, 2003-05, 2007-09 and now 2016-17. 

The Red Sox now head to Cincinnati for a rare series against the Reds for three games before heading home for a seven-game homestand against the Blue Jays and Astros

A fun potential storyline is the four-game series to end the season against the Astros before possibly facing them in the ALDS. Keep an eye on that one.

For now, though, the Red Sox are going to the playoffs again. We just don't know for sure in what capacity.

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