Red Sox delay J.D Martinez announcement, but Sawx fans don't need to panic

Earlier this week, the Boston Red Sox and J.D. Martinez accepted the inevitable and agreed to a contract after months of negotiating. The drawn out process understandably left some on edge. Unfortunately, those fans have had reason to remain tense -- that's because the Red Sox again passed on making an announcement on Martinez's physical on Thursday:

As easy as it is to assume the worst -- Martinez has a previously undisclosed condition that will cause the deal to collapse at the last minute -- there's probably a reasonable explanation for the delay. Take it from some of Boston's esteemed beat writers, who don't seem too concerned:

Those explanations seem fair. It's likely the Red Sox do want every possible set of eyes on their newest addition, and it hasn't been nearly as long as it feels -- there's just more sensitivity on the process because of when it's occurring.

Of course, even if the doctors do discover a fly in the ointment -- and to repeat, there's no reason to think they have or will -- it's possible the Red Sox and Martinez would be able to add language to the contract that would satisfy both parties without causing a falling out.

But again, for the last time, Red Sox fans probably have little more to worry about than whether Martinez will bat third or fourth for the foreseeable future. 

CBS Sports Staff

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