Yankees GM Brian Cashman meeting fans, who presumably did not stab him. (USATSI)
Yankees general manager Brian Cashman meeting fans. (USATSI)

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A Red Sox fan from New Hampshire has been awarded $4.3 million by a jury following a 2010 incident in which he was harrassed and stabbed by a Yankees fan, reports the Associated Press. The incident took place in a Connecticut restaurant called U.S.S. Chowder Pot III.

Yankees fan John Mayor was harrassing fellow patrons and trying to start a fight while bartenders continued to serve him alcohol, according to an attorney representing the man stabbed. Mayor was convicted of assault and is serving a 10-year sentence in prison. Monte Freire, the Red Sox fan, suffered a brain injury and a stroke, and has been left with impaired speech and vision as well as severe scarring.

"We're grateful that the jury was very attentive. They understood our case and held the Chowder Pot responsible for its employees' negligence," said Timothy Pothin, Freire's attorney. "Perhaps this will provide a lesson to other bars and nightclubs in our community and their insurance carriers who continue to maintain untenable positions in cases of clear negligence."

Jan Trendowski, the Chowder Pot's attorney, said the restaurant plans to appeal.

"They warned the bartender the guy was acting like a jerk ... How they make the jump from jerk to stabbing, that's the real issue here," said Trendowski.