Baseball is in its offseason. For many players, that means a few days or weeks of relaxation before beginning preparations for next spring. For Boston Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts, it means more time to focus on his other sport: bowling.

For those who didn't know, Betts is a highly skilled bowler. How skilled? He threw a perfect game Sunday in the final qualifying round of the World Series of Bowling -- yes, that's a Professional Bowlers Association event. 

Here's more, via ESPN:

Betts is competing in the World Series of Bowling for the second time in three years. Entering Sunday night, he was averaging a 204.71 score through 35 games and ranked 156th out of 195 players. Although he won't make the cut for the PBA World Championship, he made a discernible improvement on his 2015 debut, in which his average score was 190.

Betts might not have made the cut this time, but he will hit the lanes with the PBA again in February, when he partakes in the Chris Paul Celebrity Invitational. He finished second at the 2017 event while being paired with professional bowler Tommy Jones.