Red Sox now talking to Adam LaRoche in addition to Mike Napoli

The Red Sox are engaging in talk with free-agent first baseman Adam LaRoche as a possible first-base alternative to Mike Napoli.

Boston is believed to have offered Napoli a three-year deal but is reluctant to add a fourth year. LaRoche is expected to command three years, though negotiations are just getting started.

Napoli has drawn strong interest from the Mariners, who are talking to him, and also the incumbent Rangers.

Word is, the Nationals have been fairly steadfast in offering LaRoche a two-year deal. While he was their MVP last season, they are well-stocked on the corners and could move Mike Morse from the outfield to first base. They aacquired Denard Span, and will move phenom Bryce Harper to a corner outfield spot and Moore either to first or possible the trade market should they re-sign LaRoche.

Boston seeks a first baseman, two outfielders and starting pitching help. They are targeting Nick Swisher and Cody Rossfor the outfield.

They have checked in on Stephen Drew and Alex Gonzalez as shortstop options, but are telling folks they are likely to give prospect Jose Iglesias a shot at shortstop.

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