Later this month, as part of an initiative with other Boston area pro sports teams, the Red Sox will begin showing anti-racism public service announcements at Fenway Park, reports Adrian Walker of the Boston Globe. Athletes will be involved in the announcements, which will be featured prominently at each venue.

Here are some details, from Walker:

Dubbed "Take the Lead," the project is an effort to use the influence of the area's sports teams — and athletic stars — to lead a discussion on an issue that Boston has struggled to confront head-on. 


"We thought it would be incredibly powerful for this initiative to include not just the Red Sox but all of our professional sports teams," Sullivan said. "Because this was not just an issue involving the Red Sox and Fenway Park." 

Back in May, Orioles center fielder Adam Jones was the target of racial slurs and had a bag of peanuts thrown at him during a game at Fenway Park. Soon thereafter other African American players said they too have heard racial slurs in Boston. According to the Globe, the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, Bruins, and Revolution "quietly began meeting to devise a joint effort to combat racism."

Last week five anti-racism protesters hung a "Racism is as American as baseball" banner from the Green Monster between innings during a game at Fenway Park. They were ejected from the ballpark but not arrested or banned from the stadium.

The public service announcements are set to launch at Fenway Park on Thursday, September 28.