Red Sox vs. Yankees: Christian Vazquez hits an extremely Yankee Stadium home run to the short porch

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When Red Sox catcher Christian Vazquez stepped in against Yankees lefty Zach Britton in the fourth inning of ALDS Game 4, Boston already had a 3-0 lead. Vazquez promptly made it a 4-0 lead with a solo shot.

That's an opposite-field home run from a batsman who hit just three during the regular season. It was also an extraordinarily cheap home run. It traveled just 338 feet, which honestly feels a bit generous. Fortunately for Vazquez, Yankee Stadium is just 314 feet down the right-field line, and it makes its way pretty gradually to 385 feet in right-center. Throw in the fairly modest nine-foot fence height, and Vazquez picked the right venue and the right spot to pop one 338 feet. Stated another way, Vazquez's traveled 71 fewer feet than Aaron Hicks' deep fly-out to center in the first. 

So does Vazquez's tater leave the yard in any other ballpark? At AT&T it likely bangs off the wall. It wasn't down the line enough to take advantage of the Pesky Pole in Fenway. If you eyeball this overlay, you'll note that Yankee has the coziest right-field dimensions for the stretch in question. Maybe Vazquez sneaks it over wall at Camden before the fence height increases, but it doesn't seem likely. Heck, if Aaron Judge gets to the wall sooner, maybe it's not a home run at even in Yankee. 

Anyhow, if you're the Yankees, then the short porch in right giveth, yes, but also occasionally occasionally giveth to the opposition. 

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