Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips is ready to put a tough 2014 season behind him. Phillips hit just .266 with eight home runs, which was the first time in nine seasons he had less than 10 homers. 

He appeared in only 121 games last season after missing time due to thumb surgery.

"I'm just thinking about health and going out there and trying to have a better 2015," he told "That's the only thing I'm really worried about, just trying to stay healthy, get healthy and trying to be a great teammate and continuing to be myself and getting things done."

Staying healthy is a big concern for Phillips, who said he hasn't been at full strength since the 2011 season.

"When I'm healthy, my play will speak for itself, and I haven't been healthy in three years," he said. "I've played through many injuries. I had wrist surgery the other year, I had thumb surgery this year, I've been playing with a bad calf. There are so many things, but I don't complain about many things, that's just not the type of person I am, but I try to go out there and produce and stay on the field as much as possible, because I feel like I have one career and I'm supposed to go out there and do my job. That's why my numbers haven't been the same, but I still get criticized for being out there."

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