Reds' Aristides Aquino sets MLB record for most home runs in first 100 plate appearances

Reds rookie superdestroyer Aristides Aquino entered Wednesday night's game against the Marlins (CIN-MIA GameTracker) sitting on 99 career plate appearances. That's significant because he came in tied for the most home runs in MLB history through a hitter's first 100 plate appearances, and he had one shot to own the record all by himself. Here's what he did with that one shot: 

That one left the bat at a sizzling 111.7 mph and traveled 418 feet. As noted, that makes 13 home runs in Aquino's first 100 plate appearances. Now for the updated relevant leaderboard: 

That's also the most home runs ever through a player's first 27 games, but that doesn't roll off the tongue quite the same way. That also puts Aquino in rarified franchise air: 

Vaughn that month hit 16 home runs in 32 games/143 plate appearances, and Aquino after Wednesday night will get four more cracks at that particular record, including a Saturday doubleheader against the Cardinals on the final day of August. 

With that blast above, the 25-year-old Aquino is now batting .315/.384/.787 on the season. He's always had power, and a reworking of his stance and swing during spring training unlocked something. He destroyed Triple-A this year, and as you can see he's been doing the same since his promotion to Cincy.  

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