Reggie responds to A-Rod questions with almost 3 minutes of silence

Mr. October is apparently done talking about Mr. Rodriguez. (USATSI)
Mr. October is apparently done talking about Mr. Rodriguez. (USATSI)

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Hall of Famer and Yankees legend Reggie Jackson recently appeared on WFAN with hosts Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton, and naturally enough the discussion made its way to current Yankee firebrand Alex Rodriguez and his ongoing Biogenesis-related tragi-comedy. 

Carton attempted to engage Jackson on the topic by, well, "leading the witness," but the otherwise loquacious Mr. October would have none of it. In fact, he didn't merely bat down the questions or offer a prepped response or a terse "no comment." Instead, Jackson offered up, oh, almost three minutes of almost total silence. 

Yes, almost three minutes and scarcely a word. Carton continued peppering him with questions, Esiason urged a response, but Jackson wouldn't accommodate. Since Jackson in the recent past has been an A-Rod ally of sorts, this is fairly telling. Crushing Fatigue over the matter or a ceremonial "washing one's hands of him"? Perhaps both. 

Given that we live in a world in which every conceivable opinion on the subject of A-Rod and his transgressions has been expressed in every possible sequence of words at least twice by all interested parties, silence on this matter is entirely commendable. May a monastic sense of quiet descend upon all who would say what's already been said!

As for Mr. Jackson, here's about all he would say regarding Rodriguez:  “I’m so proud. I can’t believe I shut up (about A-Rod).”

Yea, verily. 

You can listen to the entire interview here

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