Remember Dusty Baker's kid? Grown-up Darren Baker hit a walk-off homer for Cal

Darren Baker, son of managerial great Dusty Baker, is mostly remembered for almost meeting with destruction at the home plate during the 2002 World Series while serving as the Giants' bat boy ... 

Yep, that's J.T. Snow with the save of saves, as memorialized forevermore via our dearly departed Bobblehead Project.

Anyhow, young Darren grew up and went into the family business. Last year, the Nationals -- then employer of Darren's pop -- drafted the young infielder in the 27th round out of Jesuit High School in Sacramento. The younger Baker wound up not signing and instead honored his baseball commitment to Cal-Berkeley. 

Speaking of which, the freshman second baseman entered Saturday's game against Brown with a strong .321 batting average on the season. However, Baker had yet to homer on the young season. Well, that changed in dramatic fashion. 

In bottom of the 12th against Brown, Baker came up with the score tied at 3-3 and Grant Greeno on the mound. The result? A breaking ball that Baker deposited over the right-field wall for a walk-off homer. While the internet doesn't appear ready to meet our need for color-television footage of the actual home run, we are able to watch the ensuring celebration at the plate ... 

"Coach (Noah) Jackson and I were talking about a game plan in the on-deck circle before I went up and I just backed off the plate," Baker said after the game. "I got a hit off him [Greeno] yesterday on a fastball and I didn't think he'd throw that again so I was really sitting curve ball. He got it to me and it was the perfect pitch at the perfect time."

By the way, it was a Baker single with two outs in the ninth that sent the game to extras, so it was a clutch afternoon for Darren. 

So does all of this make you feel old? It's OK. Darren Baker is older, too.

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