Reminder: Javier Baez is not Tony Gwynn

Pictured above: not Tony Gwynn. (USATSI)
Pictured above: not Tony Gwynn. (USATSI)

Look, when it comes to the great Tony Gwynn, we all suffer by comparison in one sense or another. So it is with Cubs rookie slugger Javier Baez.

After Monday night's "0-for-4 with 4 Ks" output against the Reds (CHC 3, CIN 0), Baez has now struck out 40 times in 90 plate appearances. 

Those grim numbers prompted some comparisons on media sociale to the preeminent contact hitter of the contemporary era ... 

And ... 

Let is be said that these observations aren't particularly fair to Baez, a 21-year-old power hitter who's playing in a high-strikeout era and who's still toe-deep in his big-league career. Baez has the bat speed and raw power to be a frontline producer at the highest level, but his "swing for the downs" approach and somewhat long-ish stroke mean he has holes. Thus far, pitchers have found those holes in way that calls to mind, say, Tony Gwynn batting with a chopstick and under orders to swing at every pitch. 

Javier Baez is slugging .465 and has seven homers in his first 21 games, but Javier Baez is not Tony Gwynn, you see. 

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