Replay craziness during second day of testing in Arizona Fall League

Major League Baseball is testing the proposed manager's challenge-based expanded instant replay system in the Arizona Fall League this week, and the first day went by without a hitch on Tuesday. Wednesday was a little more ... chaotic. Let's hand it over to's Tom Singer for some play-by-play:

I don't have a video or GIF to pass along, but I was watching the game live and can assure you the replay process was quick and painless, just like Tuesday. It was a bang-bang play at second and the replay was pretty definitive. Nice and easy.

Later in the inning, the replay system was used again:

Managers are allowed as many challenges as they want this week as they work out the kinks in the system. They've been encouraged to challenge pretty much anything that appears challengeable. Under the proposed system, managers will get one challenge for the first six innings and two for the final three innings.

Anyway, this was another bang-bang play and again the replay process was quick. That's become a theme in the early going, thankfully. Now let's fast forward a few innings:

That sounds rather hectic and I'm sorry I missed it. I picked a bad time to be looking away from my television, apparently. I assume that double-challenge rule in Singer's second tweet will hold true if and when the system is implemented in the big leagues, meaning that situation can only happen in innings 7-9 (and beyond).

These two Arizona Fall League games have been close to unwatchable because of all the replays -- there were more in the later innings of Wednesday's game, these were only the first three -- but thankfully they'll be limited when the system is implemented. So far they've getting the calls correct and they're doing it quickly. That's the most important thing. The early returns have been positive.

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