Report: Blue Jays place Jose Bautista on revocable waivers

Now that the non-waiver trade deadline has come and gone, the front offices of Major League Baseball clubs move onto the next phase of transactions, which would be the waiver trade period here in August. We've already covered how trades can happen, but the basic thing to know right now is that high-priced veterans on non-contending teams are going to be put on revocable waivers at some point, probably early in the month. We saw as much with Tigers starter Justin Verlander on Wednesday. 

Next up: Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista

So the caveats are that Bautista stll has no-trade rights (even if a team claims him and the Blue Jays decide to award the claim, Bautista would still be allowed to veto it) and that this doesn't mean the Jays necessarily are shopping him. Again, this is standard practice so that the Blue Jays have the flexibility to trade him at some point this month, should an offer come along they like (and Bautista is OK with). 

He does check all the boxes for an August trade candidate. 

  • Bautista is making $18 million this season with a $17M mutual option for next season. 
  • Bautista is 36 years old. 
  • He's not really playing up to that, hitting .216/.325/.381 with 16 homers.
  • His track record (and a really hot May when he hit .317/.412/.644) suggest a team could catch lightning in a bottle.
  • The Blue Jays are non-contenders and could stand to get younger.

The likely scenario here is that Bautista clears waivers and then the Blue Jays have the rest of the month to see if any contender decides they'd like to take a shot at his bat for a possible playoff spot. Even if it gets to September, he could fill a hole for a major injury to help in the push for a playoff spot. 

For now, this doesn't really mean anything, but the option is now open for something to happen with Bautista in August. 

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