Report: Expanded replay for 2013 playoffs discussed by MLB owners

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Will MLB have expanded replay in place by October? Here's the relevant tweet from Newsday's David Lennon ...

As previously reported by's Danny Knobler, expanded replay is all but inevitable, but the time-table for implementation has been somewhat fluid. MLB executive vice-president Joe Torre previously indicated that the 2014 season was a reasonable goal, but now it seems possible that expanded replay could be in place even sooner -- like in time for the 2013 postseason.

Bud Selig's nightmare scenario probably involves a playoff game turning on a missed call that would have been reviewable under the forthcoming changes. Perhaps that fear is the driver in this instance.

Presently, video review is confined to home-run calls. However, MLB will eventually broaden replay rules to include, among other things, fair-foul calls down the lines and "trap" plays on balls hit in the air. As Knobler wrote in May, replay jurisdiction will very likely cover "any umpire call other than balls and strikes" at some point.

The Players' Association and umpires' union would also need to agree to any changes to the current system, which makes such an advanced time-table even more ambitious.

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