Report: More players to be named in connection with Biogenesis

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Relating to the news from Tuesday morning that the DEA busted several people with ties to the notorious Biogenesis clinic, another report from T.J. Quinn of ESPN has surfaced, and could affect the 2014 MLB season in a big way.

That's all we have to go on. It would be reckless to start throwing out names right now (and, I'm sorry, but it's utterly ridiculous to just pick, for example, the top power hitters and claim they are using just because they are good), so instead we just wait. And hope it's not too many. And hope the size of the black eye this gives baseball is minimal.

The fallout could well be significant this season. It's possible there are several guys playing important parts on contending teams who are among the names to be revealed. If that's the case, the pennant races and even the postseason will be altered from where they were previously headed.

I'm finding myself with two strong emotions here that are possibly conflicting. On one hand, this completely sucks. There is already a ridiculous double-standard when it comes to the consensus opinion baseball players "juicing" compared to, say, the NFL. If there are some big names that surface from this investigation, it hurts the sport even further on this front. It also means players have been gaming the system and beating drug tests.

On the other hand, if players were cheating the system, they shouldn't be spared. They should be punished just like Nelson Cruz and Ryan Braun and Jhonny Peralta and a host of others were.

So I guess it's "rip off the band-aid" time, right? Let's just hear the names, be disappointed and move on.

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