Blisters have plagued Dodgers NLDS Game 2 starter Rich Hill for most of the season. He had issues with the A's ... (remember this)

Hill's blister issues precede his time with the Dodgers. USATSI

... and those lingered over into his time with the Dodgers after the trade. He even had to be pulled from a perfect game because the Dodgers' training staff told manager Dave Roberts that there were a few hot spots that could develop into blisters.

For those unaware, blisters can develop on pitchers' hands -- specifically fingers -- due to gripping and throwing certain pitches. If they are prominent enough, they can greatly impact control, command and movement. So it's not a toughness thing. It's an effectiveness thing.

Just how desperate was Hill to rid himself of the blisters? Well ...

No judgement. In his shoes, I'd try it. Too bad he isn't facing off against Moises Alou this series, though.