Rockies owner to fan: 'If product and experience that bad, don't come'

Rockies owner Dick Monfort (right) might need to work on his customer-service skills. (USATSI)
Rockies owner Dick Monfort (right) might need to work on his customer-service skills. (USATSI)

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So a Rockies fan named Michael Ferguson spent some coin to take his family to a game on July 4, and he was treated to some unfortunate baseball by the hometown nine. Disappointed by the experience, he filled out a feedback form and left it in a comments drop-box. Said comments raised the antenna -- and presumably the hackles -- of the team's owner. From CBS 5 in Grand Junction, Colorado ... 

“I pretty much just filled out the survey and kinda wrote a little bit about how it's frustrating to spend the money and go see [Rockies] teams that are constantly struggling all the time,” said Ferguson.

Two days later, he found out his comments did not go unnoticed. Ferguson received a reply in his inbox simply stating, “If product and experience that bad don’t come!”… signed owner, chairman, and CEO of the Colorado Rockies Dick Monfort.

On a certain level, Monfort's right -- if the on-field performance of a team is likely to disappoint, then don't show up. (The Rockies of late are indeed likely to disappoint.) On another level, though, this is pretty bad customer relations. If you're too thin-skinned to muster up a polite boilerplate response, then perhaps you should leave customer-feedback detail to an intern. 

If it's any consolation to Mr. Monfort, then I'm guessing that some fans will be following his sage counsel absent any improvement in the team. 

(Wink of CBS eye: Hardball Talk)

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