Rockies win competitive balance lottery, first extra pick in 2014 draft

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Major League Baseball held the competitive balance lottery on Wednesday afternoon, with the Rockies winning the first extra pick in the 2014 draft. Here are the results of the two competitive balance rounds, courtesy of Baseball America's Clint Longenecker:

Competitive Balance Round A (between first and second rounds)

  1. Rockies (tentatively the 32nd overall pick)
  2. Orioles (33rd)
  3. Indians (34th)
  4. Marlins (35th)
  5. Royals (36th)
  6. Brewers (37th)

Competitive Balance Round B (between second and third rounds)

  1. Padres (tentatively the 69th overall pick)
  2. Diamondbacks (70th)
  3. Cardinals (71st)
  4. Rays (72nd)
  5. Pirates (73rd)
  6. Mariners (74th)

Those tentative overall pick numbers will change this offseason as draft picks are gained and forfeited via the free-agent compensation system.

So, what the heck is the competitive balance lottery? Long story short, the 10 smallest-market and 10 lowest-revenue teams get a chance to win an extra draft pick each year. A team's odds of winning the lottery is based on its record in the previous year. At 17 percent, the Rockies had the best chance of winning the top selection in round A this year.

The neat thing about these extra competitive balance picks is that they can be traded, which is something teams can't do with regular draft picks. The Tigers and Marlins swapped their competitive balance picks last year as part of the Anibal Sanchez trade, and the Marlins picked up an extra pick from the Pirates as part of the Gaby Sanchez trade.

Given the emphasis on young players and the importance of draft picks, getting one of these extra picks is a boon for smaller-market clubs that typically can't compete with big spenders on the free-agent market.

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