Royals-Blue Jays series impacted after falling ice damages Rogers Centre dome

Update: Monday's game has reportedly been postponed, with a doubleheader likely to take place on Tuesday:

On Monday morning, it didn't seem like the night's game between the Kansas City Royals and Toronto Blue Jays was in danger of being postponed. After all, Rogers Centre has a retractable dome that comes in handy on days like Monday -- when it's cold and raining and feels nothing like mid-April.

The Blue Jays social media team had every reason to think the game would get played when they posted a tweet proclaiming as much. Yet the universe is a fickle being, and sometimes unexpected events happen. Case in point:

Yes, the Rogers Centre roof had ice fall on it from the CN Tower, which, as any Google image search reveals, is located right there at the stadium. The ice created a hole, and the hole enabled snow to fall in onto the playing surface.

Here's a look at the hole -- it's that small dot on the right field side of things:

It's not yet clear if the game will go on as planned, though crews are trying their best to ensure that it will occur:

If so, expect to see Eric Skoglund tussle with Jaime Garcia around 7 p.m. ET. 

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