Monday afternoon Pirates right-hander Ryan Vogelsong was hit in the face by a pitch from fellow right Jordan Lyles of the Rockies. It was unintentional, obviously. Vogelsong had to be carted off the field and taken to the hospital.

Here's the pitch and the aftermath in case you haven't seen it:

Later Monday night Vogelsong's wife Nicole tweeted out her husband "will be ok," which is great news. The team had indicated there was some concern about Vogelsong's left eye. Not just the area around his eye, the eye itself. That's scary.

Tuesday afternoon the Pirates placed Vogelsong on the 15-day DL with facial fractures, the team announced. Head trainer Todd Tomczyk told reporters, including's Adam Berry and broadcaster Joe Block, that Vogelsong is in good spirits and there is no sign of "significant" damage to the eye.

As for the fractures, Tomczyk said they have to wait for the swelling around Vogelsong's eye to go down before they can know the full extent of the damage. Vogelsong remains at the hospital and it'll likely be a few days before doctors can give a complete diagnosis.

The good news is Vogelsong's eye is in good shape, and it sounds as though he avoided neurological damage as well. Tomczyk did not say he had a concussion or anything like that. Vogelsong is not in good shape right now, but, all things considered, it could have been much worse.

Ryan Vogelsong does not have any 'significant' damage to his eye. USATSI