The Atlanta Braves recently claimed that their authenticating business is up 30 percent in 2020. The sports memorabilia authenticating business is when an official or organization verifies that a specific ball, bat, or jersey was used in a game for a specific accomplishment.

During Thursday's installment of "Nothing Personal with David Samson," David Samson weighed in on the Braves' recent claim and wants to know whether the team is saying that their gross revenue is up 30 percent or their net revenue.

"This year is a total cluster because there are no fans in the ballpark, which means that team stores in the ballpark are empty," Samson said. "So the reason why the authentic business is different is that nothing's being sold in team stores. For teams that want to sell their authentic balls, bats, and jerseys, they're putting it online. The Braves came out and said their revenue is up 30 percent. What confuses me about that is that: are they saying their gross revenue or their net revenue? When you just say revenue is up 30 percent, there is never a more meaningless statement that you could say to someone."

Gross revenue simply refers to the total number of sales prior to any deductions while net revenue refers to the total amount of money that is made minus an organization's direct expenses. 

Samson is simply stating that there is a big difference between the figures of those two numbers. The Braves just aren't being specific as to what type of revenue that 30 percent increase is related to.