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The current Major League Baseball collective bargaining agreement (CBA) expires on Wednesday. With that date coming up quickly, the owners are expected to lock the players out until a new CBA is agreed upon. Despite the looming deadline, major signings keep taking place and it seems like every few minutes there is a breaking news announcement.

David Samson discussed it all on the latest episode of his podcast "Nothing Personal with David Samson."

Samson began by saying players think this is the perfect time to get the most money from owners. Owners have been saying everything is business as usual, but Samson notes the unusual level of signings, and major signings at that, happening the weekend after Thanksgiving, a time that is usually more quiet for baseball. 

If players do want to sign before that Dec. 1 date, they have to sign with enough time to fly out to the city and get a physical done, which means Monday is the real deadline.

Players could wait until after the likely lockout, and Samson asked, "What is the rush?"

Samson explains, "Word to the wise, when Scott Boris wants to sign his players this early it means the players are getting more years and more money."

The podcast host then explains that scared money doesn't make any money, so you have to spend, but "if you're going to spend the money, don't spend it stupidly."

As a fan you measure the contracts now and you get excited about your team adding big name players and being willing to spend a lot.

"The irony of what's happened in the last few days, is it is ... MLB's dream scenario. The owners' dream scenario. Because they're forgetting the fact that they're overpaying in years and probably average annual value," Samson said.

MLB was able to make news during free agency in a frenzied way like the NBA does during free agency and were even able to do it on a Sunday when the NFL is playing. 

Dec. 1 is not a trade deadline, but "it is a deadline, because they get to sign players under the old collective bargaining rules."

It is also something that gets a push from agents.

"Agents manufacture deadlines for the sole purpose of getting owners nervous and we saw owners like we've never seen," Samson concludes.