On Monday's episode of "Nothing Personal with David Samson," podcast host David Samson describes fans that get too rambunctious at games. The latest example of this is a fan at the TD Garden in Boston, throwing a water bottle at Brooklyn Nets star (and former Celtic) Kyrie Irving.

Samson explains that Irving stepped on the center court logo and stepped on it like he was stomping on the logo. "People lost their minds. Because he stepped on the leprechaun?" Samson said.

Irving then walked off the court and he got a water bottle thrown at him. 

Samson said:

"I would like you, or anybody, to explain to me, why you think going to a game and loving your team and hating your opponent and hating the players on the other team gives you the right to spit on a player, to throw something at a player. You want to heckle? Heckle."

He continued, saying, "Do anything you want to do to distract the player from performing well against your team, but doing something to the player's family like what happened in Utah with Ja Morant's family?"

Samson questions, "What the hell is wrong with you people? I'm talking to you! ... Why would you do something personal. Side note, why would you commit a crime?"

The podcast host says that fans like this are going to ruin it for everyone else. He says something will be done about this type of behavior from fans and it will impact us all, possibly making it so fans can't access the players or have seats as good as they used to.

"Stop. It's enough. NBA had a problem, because it's not just Boston," Samson said. "Kyrie Irving is not in the wrong here for stepping on the leprechaun. Who cares? You're in the wrong."