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David Samson opened Tuesday's episode of "Nothing Personal with David Samson" with "contradictions" as the word of the day. He notes that contradictions between what teams and players say happens all the time in sports. 

"Contradictions happen a lot and the reason why they're reported on is it indicates some sort of dysfunction in the organization ... [Reporters] are looking for issues," he says. "The media every day have to come up with these stories and the [Albert] Pujols story has just been perfect for media conversations and articles."

Pujols is now a Los Angeles Dodger, and how he ended his time with the Los Angeles Angels, as well as why he left, has as many unknowns as ever.

"Albert Pujols finally spoke. And what he said was very concerning if you are [Angels manager] Joe Maddon," Samson said.

Pujols said he never asked the Angels to be an everyday player.

Samson explains that the entire time the Angels have been saying Pujols wanted to be a full-time player. Very few Hall of Fame players coast off into the sunset, they either want to retire or be a starter.

The statement left the podcast host questioning why the Angels said what they did about the player, why Pujols would leave if he's happy to play the same role with anyone else and why the Angels would make it up when they're getting torched by the media for how they handled Pujols.

"The Pujols situation continues to be a mess and it was made worse by Pujols' quotes, by Friedman's quotes, because now we don't know squat about squat. The only thing that will tell, is time," Samson concludes.