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Chicago Cubs president Jed Hoyer recently revealed that he is "disappointed" that his team isn't likely to reach the 85 percent COVID-19 vaccination threshold. If teams reach the 85 percent vaccination threshold, COVID-19 regulations would be reduced within the organization.

Following Hoyer's comments, Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta weighed in on the vaccination threshold. Arrieta agreed that the science supports getting the COVID-19 vaccination, but also believes that people shouldn't have to worry about getting COVID-19 if they're vaccinated.

During Friday's installment of "Nothing Personal with David Samson," David Samson revealed that he agrees with Hoyer's stance on the vaccination and addressed what the Cubs need to do in order to reach that threshold.

"Here's the difference between you, a veteran pitcher, and the 10 young guys we have that we want to have learn in groups. If we say it's a competitive disadvantage, then it is," Samson said. "Get vaccinated. Why don't you be a leader on your team and get the players who aren't going to get vaccinated. I want you to go out as a leader and go convince those players to do it. You've got to go to your players."

Currently, an estimated half of MLB teams have reached the COVID-19 threshold and have eliminated mask-wearing in their respective clubhouses. Samson realizes that it's a possibility and the Cubs need to reach that 85 percent threshold as well.