David Samson took to his podcast "Nothing Personal with David Samson," to discuss the many injuries Major League Baseball is already seeing shortly into the season. He started the segment out by reading out a long list of big-name injured players, saying it is only a partial list.

"These are big-time players who have gotten hurt since spring training ended," he said. 

Samson mentions that ahead of the season he predicted injuries would be an issue. "I told you the biggest concern we have outside of COVID are the injuries," he said. "The injuries are out of control. Why is it happening? ... How do we protect it from happening more?" 

Players were working out during the pause caused by the coronavirus, turned their homes int places to work out and practice pitches and posted videos of themselves training, but Samson says this is not the same.

He said. 

"I'm frustrated and the reason I'm frustrated is the players are convincing themselves that they're game ready. But then the game starts ..."

Using his experience MLB front office experience, Samson comments that this will impact baseball down the line.

"The quality of baseball decreases over time," he says, explaining there is money involved with this issue as well.

He said the dead money impacted and budgeted on payroll and when you don't hit your numbers, that impacts budgeted payroll for next season. It impacts free agency, non-roster invites and young players as well.

"All of that happens when you have a combination of injuries and underperformance. It is very important to monitor this," Samson said.

He ended with a prediction saying, "When is there going to be more talk about injuries? Mark my words, it's coming."